baby wear wrap

Our baby wear wraps are one of a kind, with less fabric than most traditional baby wraps, and handcrafted from the softest and stretchiest knits.  There are many variations of wrapping techniques available online.  We've highlighted a few of the basics below.

​For babywearing safety tips, check out the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance's Babywearing Safety brochure.

Click the links below for instructions (or scroll down to see everything!):

tying your wrap

Find the middle of the wrap (center seam or tag) and place it on your abdomen

Pull each tail just below your shoulder to tighten the entire wrap.  Wrap should feel snug but not tight

Bring the wrap around your waist and cross the tails over behind your back, creating an "X" on your back

Cross the tails over top of one another in the front making an "X" across your chest

Bring each tail over your shoulders after crossing, making sure to keep the fabric wide and untwisted

After crossing, wrap each tail behind you.  Continue to wrap around your body, leaving enough for a knot

Take both tails and put them through the front abdomen portion of the wrap (aka "the belt")

Tie a double knot on your side or front.  Tuck in excess ends if desired.

putting a newborn in the wrap

Place baby on your chest, facing you, within "kissable" distance from your face

Spread both straps across baby's bum and ensure they are snug and comfortable

Holding baby's bum, pull out the shoulder strap which is closest to your body

Stretch the seat belt up and around baby securely.  Baby's legs and feet should be inside the belt

Place baby's bum in the strap, one leg on either side of the strap.  Spread the material across baby's bum

Tuck baby's head into a shoulder strap for head and neck support, with their face visible to you

Continue holding baby's bum and tuck their other leg through the second shoulder strap

In their final position, baby's face should be clear of the wrap and they should be within kissing distance

putting an older baby in the wrap

Hold baby to your chest, facing you

Spread the second strap across baby's bum for support

Support baby's bum and put baby's leg through the strap closest to your body

Stretch the seat belt up and around baby securely.  Baby's legs should hang out of the bottom

Stretch the strap material across baby's bum

Pull the belt up and around baby's bum for security and support and adjust the wrap as needed

Continue to support baby's bum, and bring the other strap around baby's leg

In their final position, baby's upper torso, arms and legs are free.  Baby should be snug to you and their bum should feel secure in the wrap

putting an older baby in the wrap - front facing

Hold baby to your chest, facing away from you

Hold baby across their body and pull out other strap to put baby's leg through.  Spread across groin

Hold baby cross body for support and put baby's leg through the strap closest to your body

Stretch the seat belt up and around baby securely.  Baby's arms, legs and head should be free

Continue to hold baby cross body and position the strap so that one arm and one leg are through the strap

Spread and secure belt across baby's middle and adjust baby to comfort

Spread the strap fabric across baby's groin, ensure that leg and arm stay through the strap

In their final position, the wrap acts as a chair for baby, and the straps restrain their upper body

taking baby out of the wrap

Pull the belt down over baby's bum

Remove baby's legs one at a time while holding on to baby's bum

Slide each strap to the side of baby's bum and keep a firm hold on baby

Hold baby under the arms and lift them out of the wrap


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