I am more than a womb

So I guess it's been a minute. The last few months have been crazy. That's a whole post on it's own. Right now, I feel like I need to vent.

I don't even know how to put my frustration and sadness into words. Suffice to say that I thought I would be starting a new job in the near future, but after telling them that I'm three months pregnant, the job morphed into a contract position overnight, which I would be unable to meet the requirements for due to my own pending parental leave. Although I was told multiple times throughout the interview process that it was NOT a contract role to cover another parental leave, less than 24 hours after receiving a verbal job offer and telling them I was expecting, it had been decided that the role was now a contract to cover a parental leave.

The reasoning was never explicit in calling out the fact that I was pregnant. They were very careful not to do that, but the timing and nature of this sudden shift has left me feeling extremely disappointed and angry. It's 2021 in Canada. I was told repeatedly that I was more than qualified for the job and excelled at each interview stage (their words, not mine). I went through an invasive and detailed background and reference check. And yet, I sit here, grateful that I listened to my gut to wait for the actual offer paperwork that never came before I did anything to change my current situation.

I've had my doubts about interviewing for jobs while pregnant. I know that it's not ideal. I know that it puts me at a disadvantage (even though I know that it shouldn't and everyone keeps telling me that it shouldn't). In the last couple of months, the 2 companies that I have shared news of my pregnancy with have almost immediately discontinued my interview/hiring process. Can they do that? No, it's illegal. Is there anything I can do? Absolutely nada. Both companies gave alternate reasons which I would have to go to great lengths to prove were falsified, even though I suspect my pregnancy played a major factor in how things played out. Both companies told me that I was perfect for the job, but I guess I'm only perfect for the role if I'm not pregnant.

But here's the thing. Yes, I'm growing a human and will be taking parental leave in the future. But I still have value. I still have skills and experiences and knowledge and expertise that I bring to the table in my field, and that doesn't disappear just because there's a person inside my body. I'm good at what I do and if given the chance, whether for 6 months or 6 years, I can absolutely excel in my career in the right company. Even after expressing my sincere dedication to the role before and after parental leave, they brushed me aside as if my worth was tied to my womb.

I am not a womb. I am so much more than that in so many ways. The fact that they couldn't see passed this tells me that my gut was right and this wasn't the company I thought it was. Today has certainly been challenging and filled with feelings, but I'm grateful to have this insight now instead of after beginning employment there. Their loss will be another company's gain.

Thanks for reading.

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